Why Does a Savvy Public Stock Fund Manager Choose Private Equity?

I have encountered a wide range of investors over my 25 years in the investment management industry. While they often differed in their investment philosophies, time horizons, and risk preferences, they agreed on the importance ofRead More...
By : Kastle Olson | Aug 21, 2017

Is Private Equity Losing its Taste for Risk?

Private Equity managers aren’t paid to be patient, they are paid to put money to work and they’ve never had more of it. With over $1 trillion of committed capital coming into 2014, you would thinkRead More...
By : Kastle Olson | Jul 28, 2014

Transparent Capitalism

Why Independent Sponsors Can Be A Better Way To Invest in Private Equity Independent Sponsors are rapidly penetrating the Private Equity market and are now involved in nearly half of all middle market transactions.  These groupsRead More...
By : Kastle Olson | Dec 4, 2013

An Executive’s Perspective on Private Equity

Mark Harshbarger, former CFO and COO of Philosophy, talks to us about his experience helping build one of the most successful cosmetic companies in the USA K: Mark, thanks for coming in. M: You’re welcome! K:Read More...
By : admin | Dec 9, 2012

7 Questions Every CEO Should Ask

You may have been wondering about private equity. But is it right for your company?   When should I look for private equity? If your company is at a turning point, chances are you should beRead More...
By : admin | Sep 10, 2012